Bright Light Bright Light – Good At Goodbyes Lyrics (feat. Andy Bell)

Been telling everybody about you saying life is so much better without you
Said I was strong, so strong, but why?
Said that I’d moved on – that I’d moved on – yeah right
All those memories have been filling up my mind and my night
Till I can’t decide what’s wrong and what’s right …

Is it a trick of the light, or is that your reflection
In the corner of my eye, have you come back again?
I said that you weren’t my type but you, you were perfection
When I see that smile I let you walk back in

Not to overplay the state I’m in, or overstate the feeling
But only you make my heart sing with so much feeling

I’vе been telling everybody about you, saying I was bеtter without you
But it’s clear it’s a lie: I’ve never been good at goodbyes

I’ve been telling everybody about you, saying life is better without you
But it’s clear it’s a lie: I don’t want to say goodbye

Inside I’ve kept those finer feelings hidden under a smile
Then you come back again
I said I’d fallen in love with loving myself and no-one else
Then I see that smile and you walk right back in

Oh I’ve underplayed the mess you made every time you walked away
But now I know I don’t want to let you go


Life is a peach, it’s a tropical beach when you’re walking beside me
Life is a fairground, oh you bring my hair down and I can’t wait to ride and ride and ride
I never want to come back down!