Russia has changed the rules for small airports

The decree of the Cabinet of Ministers approved new safety requirements for small airports, due to non-compliance with which air transportation on local routes was closed in Altai, Tomsk Oblast and Transbaikalia since the beginning of October

Passenger aircraft L 410 of the“ SiLA ”airline

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a new decree on the requirements for transport security at small airports and canceled the previous one, due to which regional airlines refused to carry out transportation in the Altai Republic, the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Tomsk Region, the corresponding document is posted on the legal information portal.

Earlier, on October 9, a representative of Siberian Light Aviation (SILA) and her daughters Aeroservice told RBC that the carrier had suspended flights in three Russian regions due to new safety requirements introduced by government decree No. 1603 of October 5, 2020. Orisks of a significant reduction in the geography of flights on Mishustin's local flights were also warned by the 2nd Arkhangelsk United Squadron, Orenburg Region, Yakut Polar Airlines and 'Khabarovsk Airlines.' stated in the new resolution of the Cabinet.

In addition, the document approved new requirements for ensuring transport security, including requirements for anti-terrorist protection of infrastructure facilities. The new decree is designed for six years and came into force from the date of publication of & mdash; November 30.

I. O. CEO of SILA Vladimir Nikiforov told RBC that the airline will return to flights during December. “ For different sites & mdash; different dates of resumption of flights. Some sites need to be put in order, cleaned of snow '', & mdash; he noted.

According to him, “ SILA '' did not assess lost revenue due to flight interruptions and reopening of sales will take time. “ Somewhere, so that the planes do not fly empty, it takes five days for sales, somewhere & mdash; ten & raquo;, & mdash; pointed out Nikiforov.

In the airline Aeroservice; told RBC that a new version of the law was expected there for almost a year. “ The section of the new regulation dealing with aircraft operators with a capacity of up to 20 passengers is fine with us. We [this edition] have been striving for almost a year '', & mdash; said acting CEO of the company Vladimir Sivtsov.

He also clarified that the airline lost up to half of its revenues during the idle period, but the new requirements are “ already being met, and a 'special investment' the finalization of the landing sites is no longer required. “ We are now urgently preparing the documentation [to resume flights] '', & mdash; he added.

RBC sent a request to the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

Government decree No. 1603 of October 5, 2020 introduced increased requirements for transport safety at landing sites. So, in order to fulfill them, at small airports it was necessary within a year (by October 2021) to install special fences with alarms, organize access control and video surveillance, install communication systems, notification, collection and processing of information, and more.

In March, the Ministry of Transport estimated the modernization of one landing site in accordance with the new requirements in the amount of 13 million to 50 million rubles. The ministry clarified that the total cost of retrofitting all transport sites in Russia could range from 28.6 billion to 110 billion rubles. “ One of the circumstances hindering the fulfillment of the requirements of the decree is a decrease in passenger traffic and business activity during the spread of a new coronavirus infection, '' & mdash; indicated in the press service of the department.

The General Director of the Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise Alexei Khrabrov previously reported that in hard-to-reach places, additional equipment of one landing site would cost one and a half to two times more than the average price of 20-25 million rubles.

The Minister of Transport and Roads of the Sakhalin Region, Valery Spichenko, told RBC that the current version of the resolution deprives aviation of the prospects in the region.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Angara Airlines; Elena Letunova also stated that if the landing sites in Siberia are closed, people will begin to fly illegally en masse.

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