Why are there no fences in the USA like in Russia?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 01-02. Why did Kazakhstan burst into flames? 12/01/2022

Relatives from the USA are surprised by our fences every time, because they don't build fences in front of their houses across the ocean. Why such a difference?

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“In our country, this is a consequence of the Soviet period of history, when everything in the countryside was so“ socialized ”that people really wanted to at least somehow isolate their personal space. This became especially evident when dacha associations, cooperatives, etc., appeared en masse, – Yury Shchegolkov, Director of the Foundation for the Development of Small Historical Towns, explained to AIF . – But sometimes they become the reason for a showdown between neighbors, when the sun blocks the fence for someone. So high fences are still not a tradition with us. Exception – monumental fences in the North Caucasus, where really  «my house– my fortress.

As for the States, Protestant traditions are strong there, where it is not customary to fence off other members of the community. Compare, for example, with Spain, where the majority are Catholics and there are fences. Plus, in the USA, a fence, even on your own land, must be coordinated with the local administration, add to this the considerable price of the fence itself. So it turns out that it is easier to do without it.

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