The Duma supported the amendments on free meals for disabled schoolchildren

Deputies of the State Duma supported the introduction of into the law “On Education” amendments regarding the provision of free two meals a day to children with disabilities who study in schools but do not attend them. The corresponding bill was adopted in the first reading on June 9, the press service of the lower house of parliament reports.

The bill provides for the establishment of a unified procedure for providing home-schooled children with disabilities with free two meals a day. Presently, the provision of this benefit is not regulated.  

                monetary compensation, and in third – didn't give out nothing», – it is noted in the message.

The draft law adopted by the deputies in the first reading will make it impossible to arbitrarily interpret the benefits. The document also defines sources of funding for these purposes. It is expected that the law will come into force from September 2022  

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation prepared a regulation on information interaction between hospitals and the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (ITU), which makes it easier to pass procedures for obtaining a disability.

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