Switzerland joins the sixth EU sanctions against Russia

In addition to approving a partial oil embargo and disconnecting several banks from SWIFT, the Swiss authorities have included in the sanctions list “more than 100 individuals and organizations” of Russia and Belarus

Switzerland supported the EU's sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions, including a partial embargo on supplies Russian oil, according to the website of the Federal Council (government) of the country.

“The Federal Council on June 10 decided to approve new EU sanctions against Russia and Belarus and instructed the Department of Economics to adapt the decree regarding the steps related to the situation in Ukraine»,— the message says.

In addition, Switzerland imposed “financial sanctions and a ban on entry into the country for another 100 people.” Among them are citizens of Russia and Belarus— military personnel, politicians, businessmen, “persons involved in the dissemination of disinformation.”

“Thus, the Swiss list of individuals and entities subject to sanctions is identical to the list of the EU”,— noted in the government.

The European Union approved the sixth package of sanctions against Russia and Belarus on June 3. As part of the sanctions against Russia, the EU decided to impose a partial embargo on the import of Russian oil, disconnect three more Russian banks from SWIFT & mdash; Sberbank, Moscow Credit Bank and Rosselkhozbank, as well as to expand restrictive measures against individuals and legal entities, but their list has not yet been provided.

In addition, as RBC found out, the sixth package of EU anti-Russian sanctions included bans on the purchase of alcohol and vegetable waste in Russia, as well as the sale of special chemicals into the country. The total cost of these bans exceeds €900 million

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The Kremlin, at the stage of preparing the sixth package, noted that the sanctions— it is a “double-edged weapon”. “In trying to harm us, they also have to pay a big price, and they already do. And the cost of these sanctions for the citizens of Europe will increase every day,— Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

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