Will the USE be canceled after the Bologna system is abandoned?

The Unified State Examination (USE) in Russia will not be preserved during the transition from the Bologna to the national system of higher education. This was stated by State Duma Vice Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy.

“Enough of illusions: there will be no USE, no need to cling to it like a straw. If we have already undertaken to correct the situation, then it is necessary to abandon any harmful innovations, each of which has contributed to the destruction of our traditional education — once the best in the world», — Tolstoy wrote in his Telegram channel.

Any other opinions on this?

The parliamentarian's statement was a reaction to the words of head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev that the USE in the Russian Federation will be preserved during the transition to the national system of higher education, since it is not part of the Bologna system.

“This is a national exam, which is built entirely on Russian educational standards, taking into account the traditions of the national education system. The USE combines the functions of the final and entrance exams, », — Muzaev told Interfax.

He noted that many countries of the world have their own national standardized exams, while the Russian USE performs important social tasks.

“In particular, the USE supports a unified the educational space of the Russian Federation in the context of a huge variety of educational programs, textbooks and teaching aids”, — said Muzaev.

The head of Rosobrnadzor also noted that the USE has simplified the procedure for selecting the most prepared university applicants.

“It was the USE that bridged the gap between the school curriculum and the program of university entrance exams, made the process of entering a university as transparent as possible, and the requirements to applicants — united. The USE ensures the realization of the right of all schoolchildren, regardless of the region of residence, to enter the chosen university, including the leading metropolitan universities, — Muzaev added.

The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education, Yana Lantratova, said that the exam should be canceled, but not all at once, but in stages. The first stage — this is to remove the USE from the school system. 

«In my opinion, it would be possible to make the USE voluntary, someone wants to take it — should be able to, someone wants the traditional form of exams — can take such, — said Lantratova at a press conference.

According to her, universities can create a transparent system for passing exams. Then you need to “test all this.” 

“If we understand what we can do without the exam, we will return, perhaps, to the traditional form of passing exams,” — the deputy said.

Lantratova noted that the USE — it is “coaching a child to pass this or that exam”, while learning in other subjects suffers. In addition, tutors are required to prepare for exams, so “education becomes a service for wealthy people.” The deputy also cited another shortcoming of the USE: children are tested in foreign schools with foreign teachers, which is why they experience severe stress that affects their health. 





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