It became known for what money mercenaries die in Ukraine

“Kyiv does not pay everyone”

The fact that foreign mercenaries are fighting on the side of Ukraine is already known to everyone. Three of the prisoners were even sentenced to death. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky openly admits that Kyiv is officially recruiting “soldiers of fortune” from around the world to participate in hostilities. And although there are many confessions in the media from those who managed to return from Ukraine alive, new adventurers, obsessed with a thirst for profit, continue to join the ranks of the foreign legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. How much is the life of foreign mercenaries, “MK” said military expert Yevgeny Linin.

Photo: Donetsk news agency

– Let's start with the fact that, as such, there are no private military companies (PMCs) on the territory of Ukraine, except for “academics” (Academi is an American private security company in the USA. – “MK”). All other foreign servicemen are here as part of the implementation of any projects. Take the British special service SAS (Special Air Service, Special Air Service – a special forces unit of the British armed forces. – “MK”), We understand that these are instructors and saboteurs who are in Ukraine under an agreement between Kyiv and London. They do not work for the Ukrainian government and are not paid by Zelensky. As for the Poles, for the most part they also cannot be called mercenaries, because regular units of the Polish army are fighting here. And they do it for the money of Poland. Perhaps, the French Foreign Legion can also be attributed to mercenaries.

– The French initially had such a statement of the issue that legionnaires who expressed a desire to take part in the armed conflict on the side of Ukraine went on vacation with their wages. Roughly speaking, this is 1500 euros per month. And they were paid not by the Ukrainian government, but by the Foreign Legion.

The American PMC Academi is the heirs of the famous Blackwater, which “distinguished itself” in Iraq when it crushed the cars of civilians with tanks. To date, this office has about 20 thousand people around the world. They can easily increase their numbers to 40 thousand, and in case of urgent need – up to 60 thousand.

These guys make about $10,000 a month. Again, it is not Ukraine that pays them. If we carefully look at the budget that the United States allocates for military assistance to Ukraine, we will see that the lion's share of it remains in the United States and goes to finance various instructors, military activities, weapons, and the like. So this is where the share of Academi is “buried”. The money that the United States allocates to Ukraine “to increase the defense capability” goes, including PMCs.

– Mercenaries come to the Legion for various reasons, but most, of course, go to earn money. This is just a subdivision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Ukraine pays them monetary allowance. It is higher than that of the rest of the Ukrainian army, and varies from 1,500 to 3,000 euros per month, depending on the military specialty and position. Plus, as a bonus, they separately receive additional payments for military successes, such as a wrecked tank or a downed aircraft.

– Ukraine does not directly bear the costs of maintaining these units. They receive help from all over the West, usually money from the US State Department or some Western special services. All these organizations are funded from them. These are billions of dollars. The last tranche discussed amounted to 40 billion, of which a huge part will go to the maintenance of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine.

Lugansk, LPR.


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