Zelensky warns of risk of overthrowing governments over grain shortages

In some countries, prices for basic foodstuffs have skyrocketed, this is a direct consequence of the blockade of Ukrainian ports, from where grain cannot be taken out, Zelensky is sure. He pointed to the risk of many countries' governments falling due to famine * alt=”Zelensky warned of the risk of overthrowing governments due to grain shortages” />

Volodymyr Zelensky

If grain fails to leave Ukrainian ports, the world will face political chaos, and famine will begin in Asian and African countries, the first manifestations of which are already visible. This was stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the Asian Intergovernmental Security Summit Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. The broadcast was on YouTube.

“Food shortages will certainly lead to political chaos, which can lead to the overthrow of the governments of many countries, the expulsion of many politicians. It's already happening. This threat is made clear by the skyrocketing prices of many everyday goods in a number of countries,— said the Ukrainian leader.

Zelensky also thanked the representatives of other states for the assistance provided to Ukraine, adding that this support is also useful for the donor countries themselves. He explained: it is on the battlefields of Ukraine that the future rules of this world and the boundaries of the possible are decided.

In early May, the head of the Italian Foreign Ministry, Luigi Di Maio, linked the shortage of wheat with the risk of new military conflicts in Africa. “We risk political instability, the proliferation of terrorist organizations and coups,” he emphasized then. According to the minister, 30 million tons of grain cannot be exported from Ukrainian ports.

As of early May, 4.5 million tons of grain had accumulated in Ukraine that could not leave the country, the UN estimated, urging Russia to unblock harbors and ensure the safe passage of ships. By mid-May, the volume of blocked grain reached 20 million tons, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said. He called on the states — UN members to step up pressure on Russia, accusing it of aggravating the food crisis. Blinken added that Ukrainian farms don helmets and body armor for harvesting.

In response, the Kremlin blames Western countries for blocking grain supplies from Ukraine, which have taken “illegal actions,” implying restrictive measures introduced against Russia and Belarus. The representative of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, emphasized: “We categorically reject these accusations [against Russia].”

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President Vladimir Putin called the accusations against Moscow an attempt to shift the problem “from a sore head to a healthy one” as the unfavorable situation in the world food market, according to him, began to take shape even more before the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. Russia will be ready to ensure the export of Ukrainian grain through the ports under its control, he added.

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Vladimir Zelensky

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January 25, 1978

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