Berlusconi spoke about two unanswered calls to Putin

The former Prime Minister of Italy called the Russian President at the beginning of the special operation, but the conversation never took place. Earlier, Berlusconi indicated that he was disappointed with Putin's actions in Ukraine Berlusconi spoke about two unanswered calls to Putin” />

Silvio Berlusconi

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi called Russian President Vladimir Putin twice after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, but received no answer, according to Il Messaggero.< /p>

Berlusconi said he hadn't talked to Putin lately, even though they were “good friends”.

“I made two phone calls at the beginning of this operation, but did not receive a response,” said the Italian politician. He refrained from further attempts to get in touch with Putin.

According to Berlusconi, the situation in Ukraine is dangerous, since there is no possibility of an immediate cessation of hostilities, and losses on both sides of the conflict amount to “100 deaths a day” . As the ex-premier pointed out, if he had been in power, this conflict would not have happened.

Berlusconi said that in 2008 he was able to keep Putin from “invasion” to Georgia. For five hours, he talked to him, during the conversation, emphasizing that with such a development of events, Russia would face a “divorce”; with the EU, US and NATO. After that, Berlusconi said, an order came from Moscow for the retreat of the troops. The politician did not specify what moment of events in Georgia he is talking about.

Earlier, Berlusconi has already commented on the situation in Ukraine. In early April, he said that he was “deeply disappointed and upset by the behavior” Putin, “who took on a very serious responsibility to the world.” As the Italian politician noted, before that he considered Putin “a man of democracy and peace.”

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The Russian president pointed out that the conduct of the special operation made it possible to “prevent the real danger” looming over Russia and “prevent a large-scale conflict”; on its territory “according to other people's scenarios”.

According to Berlusconi, because of its positions on Ukraine, Russia found itself isolated from the West (by which he meant the US, EU, Japan and Australia), and the West— from the rest of the world, since “China, India, Russia and dozens of other Asian, African, Latin American states at the moment” not on his side. The former prime minister also noted that now there is “no leader” in the world who could negotiate with Putin.

Berlusconi said that he had known Putin for 20 years. The Russian president pointed out in 2019 in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere dell Sera that they were “connected by many years of friendly relations.” The politicians last met in the same year in Rome, and the last telephone conversation they had last year, on Berlusconi's birthday, follows from the Kremlin's messages.

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