Estonia urged not to rush to resume business ties with Russia

Prime Minister Kaya Kallas said it was impossible to go back to the way things were with Russia before. “In fact, there should be no business relationship,” she is convinced

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas urged not to rush to resume business relations with Russia after the events in Ukraine. She said this in an interview with the Telegraph newspaper.

“Our policy must be based on the understanding that the Russian threat will not disappear tomorrow. You can't go back to the business relationship [with Russia] that you had before. In fact, there should not be any business relationship,»— considers Kallas.

According to her, European countries also should not be afraid of breaking off relations with Moscow. “Gas may be expensive, but freedom is priceless,” — concluded the head of the Estonian government.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ruled out the lifting of sanctions against Russia after the completion of the military operation in Ukraine. According to him, Moscow must realize that it cannot dictate terms of peace to Kyiv and strive for dialogue with Ukraine.

In early June, the European Union introduced the next, sixth package of restrictions against Russia, including a partial embargo for Russian oil.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov compared Western restrictive measures to agony. At the same time, he doubted that they would be quickly canceled. “The speed with which they were introduced and their volume show that they were not composed in one night. They have been prepared for a long time. These sanctions will hardly be lifted, — he believes.

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