How Afrikanych became a Diamond. The story of a unique milker from Yakutia

In the late 1940s, 6 km from the Yakut village of Krestyakh, on the Sokolina Spit, the first diamond crystals were found. Today, the city of Mirny is primarily associated with the mining of minerals, and Krestakh, like the entire Suntarsky district, — purely agricultural area. And revered here is a diamond of a different kind — by nickname "Africa".

Greeting with friendly lowing

An exotic patronymic of the milkers of the agricultural production cooperative “Krestyakh” Mikhailov is indebted to the priest who baptized his father in the 1920s. Now in & nbsp; the village of Mikhailov is called exclusively Afrikanych, and & nbsp; more often simply Africa. He is not upset, reconciled.

At official the same events, he is presented as follows: “famous milker”, because the enumeration of all the regalia does not fit into one regulation. Cavalier of the Order of Honor, Order of Labor Glory I, II, III degrees, the highest award of Yakutia — Order of the Polar Star, Honored Worker of the National Economy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize of Yakutia … And Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation. The highest award for special labor merits Vladimir Afrikanovich was presented in the Kremlin on June Day of Russia.

He applies to titles and awards with gratitude, but calmly. He is extremely shy when he is asked to wear a formal “uniform” for official events. And while waiting the reception of the President in Moscow     was most worried about how his cows were. Are they milked on time, conscientious did they clean up, are they full? And most importantly, have did the Burëns received their due portion of kind words?

Afrikanych's cows smell from afar and greet with friendly lowing. And no wonder: Mikhailov spends more time with them than with his family.

“Farm, cows”— this what he lives by, — says spouse Elizaveta Petrovna.    wakes up at 3.30 and, after a hasty breakfast, goes to farm and returns home by 8–9 in the evening. And so all year round. Vladimir with cows, as with children, nurses. He feeds himself, he cleans them himself, although there are other people for this. He takes care of their health, massages the udder himself. And with heifers he is generally a personal obstetrician. And so — childhood».

The first production record for milk — 2 thousand l s s one cow per year — Mikhailov beat in the early 1970s. And  manager of all the milkers of the Komsomol-youth farm "Sardana" They are with & nbsp; a half turn: "Forward!" The author of the call himself milked 3413 l — an unheard-of result at the time. Today Vladimir Afrikanovich is still in record holders— last year, for example, milked more than 4.5 thousand liters. And not fame and not for the sake of money (in   Kresty&rdash; payment according to the laws of the USSR — each according to work), he can otherwise cannot 

Vladimir Afrikanovich Mikhailov. Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Yakutia

And in fire, and in water

And & nbsp; after all, a noble milker could become a dancer. No seriously! Once, a commission came to his native village of Bordon in search of young talents. Little Vova impressed them with his natural flexibility. “You must do ballet. Such data! Do you want to go to Yakutsk?» He wanted something, but the parents said a categorical "no" — the eldest of seven children was the main assistant.

And Volodya continued to help on state farm — worked as a milk collector, and then a milker. After graduating from 8 & nbsp; classes, I didn’t even think about going in & nbsp; in search of a & nbsp; better life. In & nbsp; his native village, life for him and so was a miracle how good. Although Vladimir Afrikanovich today no, no, yes, he will remember about the failed career of a ballet dancer. But at the same time, every time he says: "I and no regret".

In  Kresty, only the closest people know about the youthful exploits of Africa. As a ten-year-old boy, he saved more than a dozen state farm cows, managing to knock out the closed door of a burning barn. Six years later, he rushed into the river to the drowning boy. On the shore, he pumped out the baby, making artificial respiration. (The kid today is already an adult man, and when he visits his native lands, he invariably visits Vladimir Afrikanovich with a bow.) A year later, he pulled a helpless man out of a burning house.

Africa shares everything that it earns with honest and very hard work with those who need it at the moment: it brings money for treatment, it helps poor families with children with money or food, at regional sports competitions it gives its prize. And during the collective contract on self-support he rejected personal record performance in in favor of collectivity». Ask him now why? He will say: “At that moment, it was the only right way.”

He and his wife often remember the times of the USSR with a kind word, but and in the present   everything suits them. "And it was good — says Mikhailov, — and not bad now". And & nbsp; true, SHPK "Krestyakh" in Yakutia, there is hardly the only such large dairy and meat-processing farm — several thousand heads.

Almost office romance

In Krestyakh Mikhailov moved from Bordon in 1999 when the economy there began to fall apart. Doyar suggested ways out of the crisis to the then management of the farm, but they did not listen to the authoritative opinion of Vladimir Afrikanovich. And & nbsp; here is the chapter "Crosses" called to them to move — don't go to  a fortune teller, I was waiting for this moment. Mikhailov agreed.

This is how Vladimir Afrikanovich and Elizaveta Petrovna met. He by by by that time already free from family ties      her  "history" — divorce and three children. At first we talked about work, then feelings appeared. We met secretly (for him, for a second, it’s good for 50, for her — to 40). In the Yakut village, the attempts of a divorced woman with children to establish a personal life are still disapproving. “There was a case, they were hiding, — laughs Elizaveta Petrovna. — Even the closest people didn know about our relationship. When we legalized them in the registry office, it was like a bolt from the blue for everyone. Many didn't even believe it, thought — rumors.

Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Yakutia

If anyone in the  village and discussed-condemned this “incident”, then delicately, respecting the merits of Africa. Today, however, the villagers often say: “It is good that Africa chose Elizabeth. Nice couple».

Yes   what what to talk about when Vladimir Afrikanovich and Elizaveta Petrovna released three older children into a great life. "We have 8 grandchildren"" — Elizaveta Petrovna shares with pride. But she and her husband not only grandma and grandfather, but also and young parents. Their common daughter, 11-year-old Violetta, is growing up in the family. "Farm Helper?" — I guess. "No, no, her father does allow to cows — — Elizaveta Petrovna confesses. — Says her main work — to study. And she is smart with us, she loves mathematics most of all».

Returning from the capital, Vladimir Afrikanovich with relief hung up his dress suit —  — and immediately to the farm! The title of Hero of Labor is not a reason for idleness — on the contrary, an incentive to & nbsp; new records. By the way, Mikhailov dedicated this award to his wife.

Just the facts:

The village.800 people live in Kresty. «Cross» — literally “with” a cross. There is a new comfortable school in the village.

Cattle.In the farm of the cooperative — 600 dairy cows. The farm recently purchased Kalmyk cows — a breed that adapts perfectly to a sharply continental climate. Doesn't require an insulated barn. Even considering that in winter in Yakutia the air temperature drops to minus 50-55 degrees.

Salaries. In SHPK they are worthy. A novice milker, who still cannot boast of experience and large milk yields, receives 60,000 rubles. rub. — This is the minimum wage. The record holder's salary reaches 300 thousand and higher.

Transport. There is a Toyota Land Cruiser in Vladimir Mikhailov's garage, but he does drive and does have a driving   — wife. A powerful SUV in Yakutia is not a luxury, but a necessary means of transportation.

Economy.The Mikhailovs do not have — once. The couple spend all day on the farm. Elizaveta Petrovna is currently working in a managerial cooperative.

Traditions. Each family has national costumes that the villagers wear on holidays.

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