Swedish authorities have banned the export of Tetra Pak products to Russia

Dagens Nyheter: Swedish authorities banned Tetra Pak from exporting goods to Russia The company warned that due to the Swedish authorities' export ban, its assets could be nationalized and this would give Russia “access to technologies that it does not currently have”

Swedish authorities banned Tetra Pak from exporting its products to Russia. This is reported by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

According to the newspaper, two weeks ago, several Swedish companies, including Tetra Pak, asked the Swedish authorities to exempt them from EU sanctions in order to continue exporting to Russia. Tetra Pak explained its request on humanitarian grounds, as the company produces “seven out of ten milk and juice cartons,” including baby food.

convincing enough and do not confirm that the export is necessary for humanitarian reasons,»,— stated in the written refusal of the Swedish authorities.

Tetra Pak's head of communications for Northern Europe, Eva Rodlich, said in response to the refusal that the company is now evaluating what options exist to challenge the decision. “We are of our opinion that the cessation of exports will have consequences from a humanitarian point of view,” — she stressed.

The company warned that a halt in exports could result in nationalization of the company's assets, giving Russia “access to technology it doesn't currently have.”< /p>

At the end of March, the Kommersant newspaper learned that Tetra Pak decided to suspend the production of two-liter packages for wine and drinks in Russia due to the lack of certain components. The publication wrote that this would not affect the production of packaging for socially important products, including milk and baby food.

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Founder of the company “Molvest”, which produces products under the brand name “Vkusnoteevo”, “Tender Age” and “Fruate”, Arkady Ponomarev spoke in an interview with RBC on April 19 about the problems with packaging for a number of dairy products.

“The multinational company Tetra Pak, which is located in Sweden, behaves ugly towards Russia. It prohibits the plant from printing packaging for such national products as kefir and fermented baked milk,— he said.

In May, the source of “RIA Novosti” reported that the head office of the Swedish company severed ties with the Russian JSC “Tetra Pak” due to anti-Russian sanctions. However, later the company denied this information.

Tetra Pak in 1959 signed the first contract with the USSR for the supply of packaging. In 1994, CJSC “Tetra Pak JSC”— subsidiary in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Central Asia.

Tetra Pak has a plant in Lobnya in the Moscow region, which, according to the company, “is by far the largest plant in Russia and in Eastern Europe for the production of packaging material for liquid food products.

Among the consumers of these products— PepsiCo (“House in the Village”, J7, “Favorite”, Coca-Cola HBC (“Dobry”, Rich), Danone (“Prostokvashino”, Alpro).

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