Lukashenko announced the need to expand the functions of the KGB

Belarus intends to expand the functions of the KGB. In addition to the existing responsibilities for intelligence and counterintelligence, the authorities propose to create an information security department alt=”Lukashenko announced the need to expand the functions of the KGB” />

Alexander Lukashenko

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced the need to expand the functions of the “main intelligence service”— State Security Committee (KGB) of the country. The recording of his speech leads the Telegram channel “Pool of the First”, associated with the head of the Belarusian state.

“Recently, the committee has become more active. And we noticed that we do not need some light changes of the State Security Committee, but we need to add some other functions in accordance with the time, to the traditional events that they carry out, the traditional functions, the tasks that they solve,” ; Lukashenka said.


According to Lukashenka, it is necessary to strengthen the current functions of the KGB (intelligence, counterintelligence, protection of the constitutional order, anti-terrorist activities), as well as create new directions of activity.

“Somewhere, perhaps, create new ones. Especially due to the information security that should be in the country, and the hybrid war that is launched not only against Belarus. It already exists all over the world, — Lukashenka noted.

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In early April, Lukashenka announced that the KGB had carried out a special operation in Ukraine “to free its citizens.” According to Lukashenka himself, during the special operation, the special services “did not fire a single shot.”

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