Siemens explained the delay in the repair of turbines for Nord Stream

Gazprom previously announced that it was forced to reduce pumping through the Nord Stream due to a delay in the repair of units. Siemens explained that they are being repaired in Canada, whose sanctions prevent the return of the turbines ” alt=”Siemens explained the delay in the repair of turbines for Nord Stream” />

German Siemens cannot return turbines for Nord Stream from repair; due to Canadian sanctions, a representative of Siemens Energy told RBC.

The company explained that the gas turbines for the pipeline are manufactured in Canada, delivered in 2009 and have been in operation for more than a decade. To maintain operation, they need to be periodically repaired, the representative noted.

“One engine is currently undergoing a major overhaul in Montreal. For technical reasons, these gas turbines can only be overhauled at the Siemens Energy facility in Montreal, Canada. Due to Canadian sanctions, Siemens Energy is currently unable to supply the customer with refurbished gas turbines,— said a spokesman for Siemens Energy.

He assured that he had informed the governments of Canada and Germany about the situation and the company is working on a solution.

Previously, Gazprom said that he was forced to reduce the flow through the Nord Stream; from the compressor station «Portovaya» “due to untimely return by Siemens of gas pumping units from repair”. Also, the reduction in the volume of deliveries was affected by the development of the overhaul life of the units and technical malfunctions of the engines. As a result, only three gas pumping units are operating, the company specified.

Gas injection into the pipeline has decreased from 167 million cubic meters. m per day up to 100 million cubic meters. m per day.

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Portovaya compressor station located in Vyborg, it is equipped with six gas pumping units with a capacity of 52 MW and two units with a capacity of 27 MW. On the Nord Stream Germany is supplied with 55 billion cubic meters. m of gas per year.

June 8, the transportation of natural gas and services related to the repair of machinery and equipment fell under the next Canadian sanctions against Russia.

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