The Foreign Ministry announced Putin’s decision to allocate grain to Afghanistan

The specific volume of deliveries will be determined by the government depending on the situation in Afghanistan. In the near future, the first crop will be harvested in the country, by which it will be possible to determine this indicator, but it may not be enough for up to 30% of the grain

Vladimir Putin approved the allocation of food aid to Afghanistan in case of need, said on the air of Channel One Special Representative of the President for Afghanistan and Director of the Second Asian Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov.

“The Interdepartmental Commission, following the results of its work in Afghanistan, reported its views to the President. And Vladimir Vladimirovich gave the green light in principle to allocate, if necessary, a certain amount of grain, taking into account the expected good harvest in Russia, — said the diplomat.

According to Kabulov, the government will determine the specific volume of supplies depending on the situation. The official said that the economic situation in Afghanistan remains difficult and “may worsen this summer due to the fact that last winter was not very snowy, the prospects for the harvest are disappointing.”