What kind of S-300V1 air defense systems are seen in Ukraine?

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S-300V1 air defense system spotted in Ukraine. The camouflage on the equipment indicates that these unique anti-aircraft missile systems belong to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, although they are not officially in service with the Ukrainian army. AiF.ru found out what is special about this one of the rarest types of Ukrainian weapons.

In 2017, there were reports that in Ukraine they were able to restore the S-300V1 and even test this complex. According to unofficial information, Kyiv is armed with one division of these systems.

One of the modifications of the S-300 air defense system. Photo: http://www.youtube.com/

How they restored it

When the USSR was divided, Ukraine got six divisions of S-300B1 — about 140 tracked launchers. Much of this wealth is now scrap metal. But some of these air defense systems have undergone major or medium repairs at Ukrainian enterprises. Despite the fact that the supply of spare parts from Russia, which is the main developer and manufacturer of these complexes, has not been carried out for many years, they were stocked in sufficient quantities on the territory of Ukraine. Some critical elements were purchased by various legal and illegal means in the countries to which the S-300s were delivered, and there are more than a dozen of them. Part of the element base has been replaced by analogues from the USA, Japan, etc.

Main goals

The upgraded S-300V1 could become a serious force, quite suitable for combating modern targets. The main question is how effectively they managed to modernize. The far border of the affected area with the old “heavy” missiles 9M82 is 100 km. The complex has a high degree of noise immunity, despite its advanced age. Even with modern electronic warfare systems, it is quite difficult to suppress it. The complex has high radar potentials, which allows them to detect subtle targets, including all cruise missiles such as Caliber, all our anti-radar missiles, and drones. Thus, these air defense systems pose a serious danger to Russian military aviation. This complex can intercept Kh-32 missiles, shells of Smerch multiple launch rocket systems; and operational-tactical ballistic missiles “Tochka-U”. Unconfirmed reports indicate that this air defense system can intercept Caliber-PL/NK cruise missiles. 


The S-300V1V air defense system was put into service in 1983. It is designed to destroy aerodynamic targets and tactical ballistic missiles of the MGM-52 Lance type. The antenna post and all the hardware of the station are located on the tracked chassis “Object 832”. A 840 hp diesel engine was installed on a tracked vehicle weighing 47 tons. Crew 4 people.

Initially, the system included the 9S15 Obzor-3 all-round radar, the 9S457 mobile command post, the 9S32 multi-channel missile guidance station, the 9A83 self-propelled launcher and the 9A85 self-propelled launcher. The three-coordinate radar 9S15 “Obzor-3”, operating in the centimeter frequency range, ensured the detection of aircraft at a distance of up to 240 km. Ballistic missiles could be detected at a range of 115 km.

At that time it was an advanced system — operators could process up to 200 air targets, track up to 70 targets, receive information from a higher command post and guidance station 9S32 missiles, determine the type of target, and also choose the most dangerous ones. The time from receiving target marks to issuing instructions while working with the 9C15 radar is — 17 seconds. In the anti-missile defense mode, the average information processing time is 3 seconds, and the target designation limit is — from 80 to 90 km.

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