Vovan and Lexus called JK Rowling on behalf of Zelensky

In the conversation, the writer supported the “cancellation” of Russian culture in the world and did not object to the use of the inscription “Avada Kedavra” from “Harry Potter” on rockets

JK Rowling

Pranksters Vovan and Lexus called writer JK Rowling on behalf of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. As Lexus (real name — Aleksey Stolyarov) explained at SPIEF, the President of Ukraine “calls everyone all the time”, so his calls do not surprise anyone and it is easy to believe in such a prank. Bloggers presented the draw at SPIEF, and the full recording of the conversation was published on their Rutube channel.

Vovan and Lexus discussed with Rowling the “cancellation” Russia abroad (the recording of the conversation was translated into Russian by the authors of the channel). Author of “Harry Potter” agreed that popularizing Russian culture is not worth it now, and added that pressure on Moscow should be exerted culturally and economically. The pranksters recalled that in the movie Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Secrets, based on the universe she created, one of the characters was played by Russian actor Alexander Kuznetsov, and it was suggested that perhaps “some sanctions” could be applied to him; like “the story with Johnny Depp” (he was removed from one of the main roles in Fantastic Beasts and was replaced in subsequent parts by Mads Mikkelsen after the domestic violence scandal). Rowling responded by saying that she would “be sure to talk to certain people.” and see what can be done.


In response to a question about whether the funds raised by the writer’s Lumos foundation could be used not to help Ukrainian children, but for weapons, she said: “Yes, I fully understand this.” When “Zelensky” Rowling told that he ordered to write “Avada Kedavra” (a killing spell from the Harry Potter books) on missiles, the writer approved. Vovan and Lexus also asked the writer if she could change the shape of Harry Potter's scar from lightning to a Ukrainian trident, and the hero's hairstyle— on a forelock in the Zaporozhye style. Rowling promised to think about it.

At the end of the video, bloggers asked Rowling to say hello to “favorite writers” Zelensky to Vovan and Lexus, which she did.

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After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Rowling promised to donate up to £ 1 million to the Lumos charity foundation she founded, which announced a fundraiser for help to Ukrainian children. In April, the author's books, by decision of the copyright holder, were no longer available to users of the Russian electronic libraries LitRes. and MyBook.

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