Poland called the goal of supporting Ukraine to prevent Russia from returning the empire

Poland's goal is to continue bordering Ukraine, not Russia, which wants to “rebuild an empire,” Blaszczak said. Putin rejected plans to restore the borders of the empire, calling such statements speculation alt=”Poland called the goal of supporting Ukraine to prevent Russia from returning the empire” />

Mariusz Blaszczak

Warsaw supports Kyiv, because it sees that the goal of the Kremlin— “rebuild the empire” and on the “conquest” He will not stop Ukraine, said the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense, Mariusz Blaszczak, writes Interia.

“Our goal is for our southeastern border to be with Ukraine, and not with Russia. We all understand that if Russia conquers Ukraine, then it will not stop, but will move on, because the goal of the Kremlin— restore the empire»,— said the minister.

According to Blaschak, a possible re-establishment of the Russian Empire in Europe would be very dangerous. “The Russian Empire threatened and threatens the freedom of European states, therefore it is necessary to resolutely resist this aggression; hence the decisive support, concrete, real support that we provide to Ukraine,— he said.

In addition to Poland, the United States was also accused of wanting to recreate the empire. “Basically, [President Vladimir] Putin wants the world to go back in time to a time when there were no united nations, to a time when empires ruled the world. However, the rest of the world has gone ahead, — said UN Permanent Representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield at the end of February, when Russia recognized the DPR and LPR, but had not yet begun a special operation in Ukraine.

However, Putin stressed that he did not intend to restore the country within the borders of the Russian Empire, but that was all statements on this topic are nothing more than speculation and do not correspond to reality. According to the president, after the collapse of the USSR, Russia “recognized all the new geopolitical realities and is actively working to strengthen interaction with all independent countries that have emerged in the post-Soviet space.”

Meanwhile, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, presenting in early June a series of his books dedicated to the rulers under whom the Russian land “did not crumble, but increased”, noted that the territory of modern Russia “is not forever” decreased compared to the size of the Russian Empire.

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