Su-25 pilot killed in Rostov region

The Su-25 crashed during a training flight, the pilot died. The military district believes that the cause could be a technical malfunction, a commission of the Aerospace Forces is working at the crash site /756558319876096.jpg” alt=”The pilot died in the Rostov region during the crash of the Su-25″ />

Su-25 attack aircraft

The Su-25 attack aircraft crashed in the Rostov region during a planned training flight, reported &laquo ;RIA Novosti» with reference to the press service of the Southern Military District.

“The pilot died. The flight was carried out without ammunition, the plane crashed in a deserted place, there is no destruction on the ground, — The military district said in a statement.

According to preliminary data, the crash of the Su-25 occurred due to a technical malfunction, according to the Southern Military District. A commission of the Aerospace Forces is working at the crash site.

According to Izvestia, the attack aircraft flew at an ultra-low altitude. The plane could have hit a power line due to a pilot error, Baza Telegram channel writes. Similar information was reported by the 161.ru portal: according to its data, the plane was flying at low altitude, which is why it crashed into power lines, the accident occurred in the Chertkovsky district near the border with Ukraine. The attack aircraft caught fire in the air, the pilot received severe burns and died, writes the portal.

At the end of last week, on the morning of June 17, another Su-25 attack aircraft crashed in the Belgorod region. The pilot ejected and survived, nothing threatened his health, the press service of the Western Military District reported. The aircraft was also on a training flight.

The ZVO admitted that a technical malfunction could have caused the crash.

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