The biography of the Spanish mercenary who died in Ukraine is revealed

He worked as a communications engineer in Lviv

The Spanish citizen who died in Ukraine arrived in the country in March and worked as a communications engineer in Lviv for the first time. According to the publication Ultima Hora, we are talking about 31-year-old Ángel Adrover Martinez, who was originally from the city of Porto Colom in Mallorca.

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Earlier, the Europa Press agency reported, citing the Spanish Foreign Ministry, that a 22-year-old Spaniard from the city of Manacor in Mallorca died in Ukraine. At the same time, it was not known whether the foreigner died as a result of hostilities.

In turn, Ultima Hora found out that Adrover graduated from a university in Catalonia, after which he worked as an IT specialist in a hospital in Mallorca. Two years ago, he moved to the Netherlands.

The Spanish government did not know that Adrover had gone to Ukraine. The man told his relatives that he decided to go to the country as a volunteer. Relatives note that he had no combat training.

It is also noted that before being sent to the war zone, Adrover worked for some time as a communications engineer in Lviv, but then expressed a desire to go to the front line. His mother said that her son rarely contacted them, as he was not allowed to communicate much with his family.

The woman added that one day a colonel of the armed forces of Ukraine contacted her via WhatsApp, who told her, that he personally knew her son, as he served in his brigade.

The officer also stated that the Spaniard himself wanted to get to the front line. As previously reported, Adrover died around June 18th. The Spanish embassy confirmed his death and said that they were solving the issue of sending the body home.

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