Turchak handed Medvedev’s son a United Russia membership card

Ilya Medvedev considered it necessary to join the party in the current situation and announced plans to engage in projects to develop sports, education, support for entrepreneurship and others


The son of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, Ilya, joined the United Russia party, according to the party's Telegram channel.

The party card was handed to him by the Secretary of the General Council of United Russia. Andrew Turchak. He expressed confidence that the example of Ilya Medvedev will encourage young people to join the ranks of the party.

“I will try to apply my knowledge in the right way in

areas that are important for the people and the country,»,— Medvedev said. According to him, he will be involved in projects to develop sports, education, healthcare, to support entrepreneurship, “establishing processes in the field of import substitution and digital transformation of the state.”

Ilya Medvedev noted that he considers it necessary to join the party in the current situation.

Ilya Medvedev was born in 1995. In 2012, his father announced that he had scored the required number of points for admission to three universities— MGIMO, Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University. Ilya Medvedev chose the direction of “international law” at MGIMO.

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In 2016, Medvedev's son told MK that he plans to enter the magistracy. Answering the question whether he thought about studying abroad, he pointed out that “there is no point in getting a legal education in another country if you are going to work in Russia.” He said that he chose the legal regulation of joint-stock companies in Russia and England as the topic of his undergraduate diploma, and during his studies he practiced as a legal assistant in a “regular law firm”.

In 2020, Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda stated that his son is engaged in “private business projects, including in the field of the digital economy.” “Such things that are very popular with young people now. And he does it himself and does it with pleasure. So far I have not seen much success with him there, but I hope that everything is still ahead, — noted the deputy chairman of the Security Council.

Dmitry Medvedev is the chairman of United Russia; (ER) since May 2012, he was last re-elected as head of the party in December 2021. He became the head of the United Russia after moving to the post of head of government in the same year. In 2008–2012, Medvedev served as president of Russia.

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politician, ex-president, deputy head of the Security Council of Russia

September 14, 1965

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