The probability of an APU strike deep into Russia by HIMARS systems was estimated

“The chances are great that all missiles will be destroyed on approach”

If Ukraine is supplied with HIMARS MLRS, attempts may be made to strike deep into Russian territory, including Moscow and resort towns. This point of view was voiced by military political scientist Alexander Perendzhiev.

Photo: ru.wikipedia.org

According to the expert, in If HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems appear near Kyiv, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will indeed be able to strike further into the depths of Russia. The Ukrainian army can hit social, administrative and industrial complexes, Perendzhiev shared his point of view. Although, as he noted, strikes can also be made against crowded places, for example, the resorts of the Kuban.

The political scientist also allowed attempts to strike at Moscow, but added that the capital is well protected, air defense systems will be able to repel all possible attacks.

“The chances are high that all the missiles will be destroyed on approach,” the specialist concluded.

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