Sochi authorities have warned that the risk of tornadoes remains

In Sochi, there is still a possibility of tornadoes forming over the sea and their coming to land. A warning is published on the website of the administration of the resort city.

“Rescuers recommend residents and guests of Sochi to take all precautions, as well as temporarily refuse to rest near the water, – The report says.

The city administration noted that more than 300 people and 80 pieces of equipment are working to eliminate the consequences of the emergency in the Lazarevsky district. Now work is underway to clear 16 beaches, they will be put in order within two days.

It is noted that road and rail traffic is carried out as usual. The road builders restored the temporary roadbed in the destroyed areas, and electricity is supplied to all consumers. It will take 2-3 months to restore the water intake on the Psezuapse River. 

On June 23, three large tornadoes were recorded in Sochi at once. One of them went ashore and destroyed a coastal cafe. 

On June 24 due to heavy rain, two cars were swept into the sea near the Sochi village of Zubova Shchel. Two women died, one man managed to escape .

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