The expert corrected the head of intelligence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the turning point has already happened, it’s time to give up

Only a person who is not responsible for words can talk about a counteroffensive

Chief of the Main Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov promised a “tipping point” at the front in August. And then, according to him, Ukraine will return all its territories. Military expert Yevgeny Linin doubted the words of the chief Ukrainian intelligence officer.

Photo: Global Look Press

“Not so long ago, the main propagandist of Zelensky’s office, Aleksey Arestovich, already announced that they were about to launch a counteroffensive,” Linin said. – First in the area of ​​Nikolaev, then in the area of ​​Kyiv and Kharkov. But now June is ending, and we see how the armed formations of Ukraine are being systematically forced out of the settlements of the LPR and DPR. On the contrary, we still have a bridgehead near Kharkov and an outpost ledge near Nikolaev.

Now the armed formations of Ukraine are not able to counterattack. They do not have sufficient forces and means for this. They cannot form any shock fists that could open the defenses of the DPR and LPR corps. This requires mechanized units, tanks in large numbers, mandatory support for artillery, both cannon and rocket, and plus aviation support. Ukraine actually has none of the above.

Aviation, as a branch of the military, ceased to exist. All the artillery that they inherited from the time of the Soviet Union, namely such howitzers as Gvozdika, Akatsia, Msta, was shattered. Their barrels are designed for a certain number of shots. After that, a replacement is needed. And there is nothing to change. All this equipment was produced mainly in our Urals.

The error when firing from substandard barrels is now plus or minus two kilometers. NATO weapons are not able to replace retired weapons. Moreover, it requires appropriate ammunition. It is simply impossible to supply them in such quantity.

With the human resource in Ukraine, too, things are not very good. The most combat-ready units are disabled. They are replenished with reservists who cannot, in such a short period, especially under the constant pressure of artillery and aviation of the Russian army, learn the necessary skills in order to become at least bad soldiers. Since now they can’t even be called soldiers. The armed forces of Ukraine today can only defend positions, hiding behind the civilian population.

– Then what is the turning point Ukraine dreams of?

“The tipping point has already happened. Only not in favor of Kyiv. The troops of Russia and the LPR have almost completely liberated the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic. Lisichansk is surrounded, which means that the defense has already crumbled. DPR troops occupied most of the territory previously occupied by Ukraine. As a confirmation of the fact of a turning point that has already happened, is the surrender of servicemen of the Ukrainian armed formations. Now the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are less and less willing to sacrifice themselves for the policies of Zelensky and his Western curators.

When they get to the front line, the “invaders” immediately lose all the ideological background that they have been hammered into for years. Soldiers understand that the picture that propagandists and fake throwers paint in Kyiv and the reality they have to face here are fundamentally different. This understanding comes very quickly.

Therefore, only a person who is absolutely not responsible for his words, or who does not understand what he is talking about, can talk about a counteroffensive.

Lugansk, LPR.

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