Air defense expert did not rule out the use of American MLRS in Belgorod

This was the most massive raid during the special operation

Belgorod was subjected to the most brutal shelling since the beginning of the special military operation. According to the latest data – five dead. Their number may grow after the analysis of the destroyed houses. At the same time, a blow was struck at Kursk. It is clear that everyone immediately has a reasonable question: was it possible to shoot down the missiles flying over our territory? Where and with what could the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot at our cities?

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These questions are in hot pursuit of MK asked a military expert, ex-chief of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command (Moscow Air Defense District), reserve colonel Sergei Khatylev.

– Information about the shelling is still being specified, – said the expert. – There are no exact data yet. But it is already clear that this was the largest, almost massive shelling of Russian territory during the entire period of the special operation.

– Presumably, they fired from Kharkov, and possibly Sumy regions. It is possible that they fired from near Donetsk, from Avdiivka, from where they have not yet driven out the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At least from these areas they reach our territory with Tochka-U missiles and Smerch rocket systems.

– Could. But there is no reliable confirmation of this information yet. They say that we already have two such complexes as trophies. Another one was put out of action, but this is not officially confirmed by our General Staff. The Ukrainian military is trying to hide the rest of the HIMARS.

– Air defense forces worked. In the same Kursk, two Ukrainian strike drones “Strizh” were shot down. Firing was organized at targets in the zone of responsibility of air defense systems and the zone of destruction of anti-aircraft missile systems in Belgorod. But understand correctly: there is such a thing as “air defense cover.” The air defense system covers from the air, it cannot fully protect 100%.

I repeat: in fact, it was a massive rocket attack. The ammunition he fired at was all different targets, different speeds. With a massive raid, not a single air defense system in the world is capable of destroying all 100% of the targets. Therefore, when they evaluate the work of an air defense system, they talk about its effectiveness and the likelihood of hitting targets. Even when the efficiency is 0.98 – and this is the highest figure among anti-aircraft systems in the world – part of the enemy's attack means still reaches their targets. It won't work otherwise.

The consequences of the shelling of Belgorod were filmed

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Besides, don't forget that when our air defense even shoots down the Tochka-U missile, its parts and the remnants of ammunition still fall and damage objects, premises, people. Unfortunately, it is made in such a way that even when it is shot down, it is not completely destroyed.

I think that nothing like this could happen again, there is only one way out: move the enemy to such a distance from where his weapons systems cannot reach Russian territory.

Eyewitnesses took pictures of the destruction in Belgorod after shelling

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