Another center. A new humanitarian point was opened by United Russia in the Kharkiv region

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“United Russia” opened another humanitarian center in the Kharkiv region. A set of mobile teams is already underway, which will carry assistance to people with limited mobility in cars specially delivered to the city. Do not forget about remote settlements. Reported by secretary of the General Council of the party Andrei Turchak

«Our humanitarian center will work every day. Now we will arrange the provision of food and water. We will help with firewood. This is a temporary measure. Ukraine disconnected Izyum from gas. Maximum task — run it in the fall. The database of pension cases of residents has been preserved. The pension department is already taking applications, — he wrote in his telegram channel.

The city suffered quite a bit, Turchak noted. “The Armed Forces still continue to shell residential areas and hit civilians. They use, among other things, American howitzers and MLRS. It has been especially active lately. For 3 months people lived in basements. The local authorities fled. We will restore the infrastructure. There is already a chapter here. Russian specialists will provide all necessary assistance in establishing the processes of city management and life support, », — emphasized Andrey Turchak.

This center has already become the second in the Kharkiv region. The day before Andrey Turchak has already taken part. At the opening of a humanitarian center in the liberated “Golden” and a help center in Starobelsky. Both are in the LNR. These are not the first centers opened by United Russia. Here you can apply to search for relatives and receive a message from them when registering — Volunteers check the database for matches and give people contact information. 

And in Kherson, the center works on the principle of a multifunctional one. Organized medical room.

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