What data did Russian hackers publish about thousands of Ukrainian intelligence officers?

Members of the hacker group RaHDit (“Evil Russian Hackers”) have made publicly available the data of thousands of employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the military department of Ukraine. They are posted on the Nemesis website.

Since the beginning of the special operation, this is the largest leak of Ukrainian intelligence data. As the members of RaHDit note, they have published only the first thousand persons included in the structure of the GUR, as well as directly reporting to it.

What data of Ukrainian intelligence officers got into the Network?

Names, photos, addresses, passport data, individual taxpayer identification numbers, positions, ranks, phone numbers, email addresses and other data of the GUR employees were made publicly available. The cards of some of the disclosed scouts also include links to their social networks, call signs and more personal information, such as hobbies.

Among the intelligence officers there are representatives of embassy residencies in Russia, India, Austria, Vietnam, South Africa, Italy, Turkey, Iran. In addition, the list contains the data of military intelligence curators in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia, instructors in sabotage, as well as representatives of special units for conducting undercover and power intelligence.

How did the hackers get the data of Ukrainian spies?

The hackers were able to form a database of Ukrainian spies due to the vulnerability of the networks of the Central Intelligence Directorate on Rybalsky Island in Kyiv. Also, methods of analyzing big data on characteristic patterns of user behavior and data on pension contributions helped to confirm the identity of the GUR employees.

What other major data leaks of the Ukrainian military occurred?

In June 2022, RaHDIt posted in open access data of 700 employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). According to RIA Novosti, at the beginning of the special operation, the hacker group simultaneously hacked all 755 Ukrainian government websites, including the resources of local authorities throughout the country.

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